Research & Development


SKM Siddha & Ayurveda R&D division has a team of professionally skilled & experienced personnel with well-equipped lab focussed towards developing new products as well as improving existing products.Developing and introducing new technologies for enhancing efficacy, bio-availability and the potency of the herbal formulations. R&D division -primary research focus is towards the development of products for the management of highly prevalent chronic diseases. R&D is also involved in undertaking toxicity and preclinical studies of the products through outsourcing in accordance with high ethical standards.Updating and improving the processes and systems used for existing products.Stability testing of developed products with focus on quality as per ICH guidelines.


Quality Assurance :

We the people of quality control plays vital role in assurance of products manufacturing in our campus. We follow the each and every steps of product processing from raw materials to packaging. We record the all observations such as input, output, persons handling organoleptic characters of outcome in every steps in the Batch Manufacturing Record. We assuring the quality of products in each steps and avoiding the final rejection. We keep the recorded data and the relevant batch sample one year beyond the expiry of Product. 


We testing and monitoring the quality of primary and secondary packing materials. We observing the label content and its statutory norms, we to update the contents in labels time to time as guided by drugs and cosmetic act of India 1945. We monitoring the quality of raw materials in storage frequently to check its stability and condition. We provide training to every new comer on hygiene and GMP regulations.


Quality Control :

We the SKM Siddha and Ayurvedha Company (India) Private Limited, an ISO and GMP Certified factory, based at Erode District of Tamilnadu functioning under reputed SKM Shree Group of companies. We are the pioneer in producing Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani medicines. And we are the only private sector organization possess manufacturing and testing facilities for three system of medicines viz. Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani under one roof. Here we manufacturing few food products also.


We possess well established in-house Quality Control laboratory. Our quality control laboratory consisting well equipped Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Microbiology divisions. Here we analyzing Raw materials, Intermediate products, finished products, and Packing Materials. SKM’s QC laboratory empowered with experienced Chemists, Botanist and Microbiologists, who possess post-graduation in their fields. Staffs in each laboratory well-trained to do testing of products with relevant parameters. We adopted the testing procedures and parameters for our products and raw materials as guided by the publications from Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of India.


From that Ayush guidance we derived SOP and Protocols for testing Siddha, Ayurveda & Unani medicines. This QC lab performs test for every inward and outward. Each and every lot of incoming materials (raw materials / packing materials) were analyzed for its suitability for preparing and packing of medicines. Each and every batches of prepared medicines were analyzed for its competence to the fixed standards. We have developed in-house standards for all our preparations. We keep records of standards in sophisticated ERP system as reference for all prepared medicines.  We provide reliable, repeatable accurate, consistent and traceable results.



In our microbiology lab we have dedicated separate sterilization area, media preparation blog and incubation chamber room for the analysis of microbial content of all internal use products. We follow standards and regulations the microbial limit in our products as guided by World Health Organization (WHO). We carry out tests for finding bacterial and fungal contaminations, presence/ absence of pathogens in Products and packing materials. We do hygiene analysis in our microbiology lab for the people who directly involving in the packing of prepared products. We monitoring the hygiene status of process machineries and storage vessels.


In our Pharmacognosy (botanical) lab we performs testes for Herbal raw materials. We do authentication test for all herbal origin materials, we estimating volatile and fixed oil content analysis of spices. We play chromatographic tests to identify the active principle of herbals and extracts. We observing the anatomical characters of plant materials which come as bark, wood, root etc., for conforming the plant’s species. We analyze extractive value of raw drugs which comes in crude farm. We maintaining an in-house herbarium for herbals which native to our locality. We maintaining an herbal demo garden with selected species of rare herbals.


We analyze the mineral and metallic raw materials in our chemistry wing for its purity by volumetric and gravimetric methods. We perform tests for animal origin product also such as Pearl, Peal oyster shell, Egg shell, cocoon of silk, conch etc., One of the key ingredient for our preparation is Honey, which is tested for its purity and content by our chemist as per the Agmark specifications. Other raw ingredients such as Oil and Ghee were analyzed by the procedures and compared with the standards guided by FSSAI regulations. Pharma ingredients were tested with the speciation given by Indian Pharmacopeia. Our chemists periodically test the quality of process water which used for preparation of products.

Our Activities
  • Providing training to staffs regarding hygiene regulations
  • Conducting classes to people on Good manufacturing practices
  • Conducting internal audit as per norms and guidance given by ISO 9001:2015
  • Assisting in the process of new product development
  • Monitoring the production process of externally sourced products
Training / Projects
  • Awareness camps on Herbal plants and its usage to common public
  • Executing Herbal garden visit / trips for school students in and around erode district.
  • Participating in seminars regarding Herbal drug manufacturing and sharing the industrial expertise
  •  Guiding research scholars who working/studying on medicinal plants / herbal drugs
  • Participating in stake holders’ formers meet to provide relevant information for the better future of herbal industry